When GOD lashes out his fury in form of earthquakes, cyclones, floods, droughts etc.. Yogesh goes as fast as lightening to rescue and help the victims. The horrific cyclone which hit Coastal Andhra Pradesh. It left behind trail of destruction, damaged roads, uprooted trees, collapsed houses and buildings, failure of electricity and water supply  and unbearable stench of dead bodies of animals and humans strewn all over the places. Men were shouting, women were crying for their last ones, babies were crying for milk and food, old were praying to GOD to take away their lives as they could not bear to see such a loss. The air was filled with despair and sadness. The Central Government and the State Government along with voluntary service organization offered help to rehabilitate the people. Yogesh with Red Cross took no time to organize donation camp and collected from house to house clothing, food and utensils to distribute to the flood victims. Within a day he collected and arranged for transporting 6 Lorries loads of goods for distribution. The Red Cross Society of whom Yogesh is a member offered him first class AC Ticket. Yogesh declined this tempted offer and instead undertook arduous journey in the lorry full of donated goods. He was the first person to reach the interior areas where people were severally affected and aid could not easily reach within seven days the entire aid material got exhausted. Yogesh also distributed medicines free of cost. Yogesh was not satisfied with all the aid and help given to victims. He felt it was only meagre and lots more had to be done. With a heavy heart Yogesh returned to Hyderabad. On reaching he fell sick suffering from throat and stomach infection. He took a week o recover The State Government lauded the selfless services and efforts of Yogesh and asked him to take care of his health as he had much more tasks ahead to complete.

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