The destruction caused by Cyclone at Orissa was like hell let loose by GOD. The loss of life’s and properties was manifolds higher when compared to AP cyclone. The official response was meagre probably due to the distance but nothing could deter Yogesh from going out to help. Distance does not matter Yogesh when service is required for seven days he went about every house hold in Old City collecting 12 lorry loads of clothing household items, utensils, grains etc… and left for Orissa.

Yogesh had never witnessed such devastation caused by Cyclone. There was heavy hailstorm; the blowing wind was cold and biting. They found it difficult to move with bodies, half buried in mud and rouble, hands, legs, heads cut offs and lying around. There was not a single dead body which was not decomposed and severed. It was horrible sight to see GOD had let loose hell on this beautiful Earth thought Yogesh. He could not control his tears but he had work to do. The situation was so horrible that one could not move without rubber shoes. It was worse than a hospital mortuary at least there you could see full dead bodies. But here were bodies with severed heads, hands and legs. Their stomach had burst, intestines had blown out maggots were feeding on them and there was this unbearable stench. Yogesh set about to carry these bodies over his shoulders for cremation. He extricated the dead bodies buried in the mud. Some of them were so disfigured, with most of the limbs or head missing that it would be surprising if any member could recognize or claim the body.

His colleagues who were also helping him nicknamed Yogesh as “Betala” the famous hero in mythological story. After cremating the bodies during day time Yogesh also with others resided in the crematorium at night. Surely Yogesh is made of touch and stern material who failed the most horrible situation with great patience and courage. Yogesh and his team members spent 21 days in Orissa serving the victims of Cyclone.

The people of Orissa are grateful to him. The State Government Officials, Voluntary Organizations appreciated the large and strong hearted Yogesh for his untiring, unwavering service overcoming all odds and hurdles to serve all mankind.

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