The massive earthquakes in Latur and Kutch caused immense damage and destruction all around. Thousands of people had lost their lives as well as properties and wealth. People were buried alive beneath the rubble of hundreds of collapsed houses. Death toll was rising. Infants, Aged, Youth and Middle aged were victims. Roads were cut off, bridges were broken. There was no power supply and water supply as electric poles, substations and water pipelines were damaged. Those who had survived to were deprived of food, drinking water, clothing etc… There was dust, mud all around the place so much even to people as if they had bathed in it. Heart rending screams were heard from survivors for their lost ones. The entire nation was shocked at the tragedy and glued to the television, radio news. Even before the government, NGO’s appealed for help Yogesh was busily organising blood donation camps and collected several units of blood. He contacted several of medical distributers and collected essential drugs for treating the victims. He went door to door along with others and collected household items, food items, clothes, money etc. When he reached Latur he was moved with what he saw. He saw dead bodies being burnt in heaps. The houses, buildings were razed to the ground; there were mangled bodies all around. There was widespread of contagious diseases due to lack of drinking water, food and lavatories. GOD did not spare anyone both the Rich and Poor suffered. Yogesh asked GOD why this happened. Did he create this beautiful earth to play havoc with it: was this the way he punished sinners. What sin had the Infants and Children committed? With all this playing in his mind, Yogesh continued with his mission to serve the victims. There was compassion, passion in his service. He stayed there for 11 days and then returned to Hyderabad.

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