Yogesh Raj Srivastava, a person who is always loved by one and all irrespective of caste, creed or religion. His passion towards selfless service towards the less fortunate and poor sections of the society made. If asked to anyone as you enter to Doodhbowli in the Old City of Hyderabad about Yogesh Raj Srivastava address, the response will be immediate.Nine out of ten people will not just show you the direction but personally accompany you to his place at J.D. Medical Hall. An innumerable medical health camps, blood donation camps, awareness seminars, rallies and also focused on National Integration and Communal Harmony has been organized by him. He is always ready with a helping hand and heart by his poised and calm nature. His mobile phone rings continuously as to someone needs blood, someone needs money, someone needs books, blankets and so on. Each and every caller knows that he can call to Yogesh for help. The “saviour” “Messiah” “Angel of Mercy” for them is Yogesh. He is humble, unassuming and selfless person who has always kept society welfare above his personal interest. With tears in his eyes he declares “Saving a life is my biggest source of happiness” and I will continue to work for my happiness till my last breath.

You hear of people setting records in sports, academics, singing etc.. but Yogesh record is no match to others. A century has been completed by him on August 15th 2011 in donating blood. Recently on 13th June 2013 he was awarded the Wonder Book of Records Certificate for donating blood a record 106 times by special commission Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Navin Mittal, Inspector General of Police Dr. Soumya Mishra and A.P. Chief Co-ordinator of Wonder Records B. Narendar. He has been donating blood for the last 28 years giving blood every 3 months and whenever there is an emergency. He maintains a list of staggering 7200 donors in the city and so far has helped over 8000 patients. He has affiliated himself with many hospitals, societies and blood banks.The place of pride in Mr Srivastava’s memory goes to a midnight donation he made to a woman during her delivery and also to a cancer patient for whom he mobilized 50 donors during the course of the latter’s treatment.

Donating of free medicines, sponsoring books for over 400 poor students every year is being done by him. He also took active part in relief programs held during the natural calamities like the cyclone that hit Andhra Pradesh in 1996, the Latur Earthquake and for cyclone struck Orissa by offering necessary provisions like rice, medicines, warm clothing etc.

On 18th May 2007 two powerful bombs exploded at Mecca Masjid Hyderabad. Even as the people were running in panic, Yogesh rushed to the masjid and physically carried over 30 injured to safety. Unfortunately the tilak on his forehead lead the enraged crowd to mistake him to be the culprit and attacked him. In spite of his injury, he carried on with his mission of mercy. In appreciation of his selfless hard-work and services he has received several awards, trophies and certificates.